Glass vs Metal Spoon Pipes

Glass vs Metal Spoon Pipes: Which is Better?

Glass spoon pipes vs metal spoon pipes has been a point of contention for years among dry herb users. Metal pipes are thought of as more durable than glass ones but the taste that glass spoon pipes deliver blows their metal counterparts out of the water. The cleanliness of glass is an added bonus for some, there is a less “sketchy” look when dirty compared to metal pipes. So which is better, glass or metal spoon pipes?


Metal Spoon Pipes: An Overview

Metal spoon pipes are a great option for people wanting a spoon that travels well is durable. There aren’t many drops that will cause your metal pipe to break, making them great for festivals or camping trips. Some dry herb users claim that metal pipes waste your strain’s flavor, while that might have been the case in the past there are new ways to get around this hurdle.

Metal spoon pipes crafted from titanium are the best option for flavor centric dry herb users. The taste is comparable to glass pipes and it won’t break if you accidentally drop it mid-session. If you can’t find a titanium spoon and still want the taste of your dry herb you can “season” your metal spoon to cut down on the metallic taste. “Seasoning” is done by having a few dry herb sessions, not cleaning out the bowl, and letting resin build up. This might not be the tastiest option, but if you’re worried about metal dominating your taste buds, it’s the only option.  


Cleaning metal spoon pipes can be a little more labor intensive than glass spoons. Dry herb can “cling” to the metal and if left unchecked can really gunk up the airflow. Most metal spoon pipes have detachable parts, making cleaning a little bit easier.


Glass Spoon Pipes: An Overview


So if you’re looking for the complete flavor profile of your dry herb a glass spoon pipe should be your go-to. Glass is inert and won’t add any outside flavors to your dry herb, borosilicate glass is the best option for a spoon as it is shatter-resistant (it will still break, just not into a thousand pieces) and is the “cleanest” taste wise.

Glass spoon pipes tend to have a little more “personality” to them compared to metal spoons. The wide array of colors and tints can help you express your dry herb vibe and add some flair to your session. Most glass spoons are transparent, so as more sessions happen they get a smokier tint to them. This provides “character” to your pipe and adds to the overall emotional investment you might have with it.


Durability is a bit of an issue with glass spoon pipes, as a slight drop can ruin your session leaving you left to pick up the pieces of a wasted dry herb hang out. Cleaning glass spoons is way easier than the metal spoon variety. A Ziploc bag of isopropyl alcohol mixed with salt is all you need to get your glass spoon looking like new.


So, Which Spoon Is Right?


There are plenty of pros and cons for each type of spoon. Glass is great for flavor chasers, while metal should be preferred for on-the-go dry herb users. Picking the right material for your spoon will make your dry herb taste better and give you peace of mind during your sessions. Before you make your choice try both types of spoon to get a gauge of what you enjoy drawing dry herb from and which “feels” better. If you understand your needs when it comes to enjoying dry herb it shouldn’t be hard to pick a material, and who says you can’t have both?

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