Glass vs Metal Spoon Pipes

Glass vs Metal Spoon Pipes: Which is Better?

Glass spoon pipes vs metal spoon pipes has been a point of contention for years among dry herb users. Metal pipes are thought of as more durable than glass ones but the taste that glass spoon pipes deliver blows their metal counterparts out of the water. The cleanliness of glass is an added bonus for some, there is a less “sketchy” look when dirty compared to metal pipes. So which is better, glass or metal spoon pipes?


Metal Spoon Pipes: An Overview

Metal spoon pipes are a great option for people wanting a spoon that travels well is durable. There aren’t many drops that will cause your metal pipe to break, making them great for festivals or camping trips. Some dry herb users claim that metal pipes waste your strain’s flavor, while that might have been the case in the past there are new ways to get around this hurdle.

Metal spoon pipes crafted from titanium are the best option for flavor centric dry herb users. The taste is comparable to glass pipes and it won’t break if you accidentally drop it mid-session. If you can’t find a titanium spoon and still want the taste of your dry herb you can “season” your metal spoon to cut down on the metallic taste. “Seasoning” is done by having a few dry herb sessions, not cleaning out the bowl, and letting resin build up. This might not be the tastiest option, but if you’re worried about metal dominating your taste buds, it’s the only option.  


Cleaning metal spoon pipes can be a little more labor intensive than glass spoons. Dry herb can “cling” to the metal and if left unchecked can really gunk up the airflow. Most metal spoon pipes have detachable parts, making cleaning a little bit easier.


Glass Spoon Pipes: An Overview


So if you’re looking for the complete flavor profile of your dry herb a glass spoon pipe should be your go-to. Glass is inert and won’t add any outside flavors to your dry herb, borosilicate glass is the best option for a spoon as it is shatter-resistant (it will still break, just not into a thousand pieces) and is the “cleanest” taste wise.

Glass spoon pipes tend to have a little more “personality” to them compared to metal spoons. The wide array of colors and tints can help you express your dry herb vibe and add some flair to your session. Most glass spoons are transparent, so as more sessions happen they get a smokier tint to them. This provides “character” to your pipe and adds to the overall emotional investment you might have with it.


Durability is a bit of an issue with glass spoon pipes, as a slight drop can ruin your session leaving you left to pick up the pieces of a wasted dry herb hang out. Cleaning glass spoons is way easier than the metal spoon variety. A Ziploc bag of isopropyl alcohol mixed with salt is all you need to get your glass spoon looking like new.


So, Which Spoon Is Right?


There are plenty of pros and cons for each type of spoon. Glass is great for flavor chasers, while metal should be preferred for on-the-go dry herb users. Picking the right material for your spoon will make your dry herb taste better and give you peace of mind during your sessions. Before you make your choice try both types of spoon to get a gauge of what you enjoy drawing dry herb from and which “feels” better. If you understand your needs when it comes to enjoying dry herb it shouldn’t be hard to pick a material, and who says you can’t have both?

Cleaning Your Glass Spoon Pipe

There isn’t a better feeling than taking a deep inhale from your pristine glass spoon pipe, all the flavors of your dry herb are fully experienced and there is no risk of that pesky “ash blast” that can sometimes sully your draw.

Now fast forward a few months.

Your pipe is caked in resin, the once clear glass is shrouded in filth and every hit tastes like the same old, brown dry herb as before. What happened? How did you get to this point? And more importantly, how can you get your spoon pipe back to its glory days?

What have you done?!

There are a few different ways to clean a glass spoon pipe so we’re going to go through the most tried and true methods that have stood the test of time. It should be noted none of these methods is particularly “better” than the others, some people just like to clean things a certain way.

Soak Based Method

This is one of the more classic ways to clean a glass spoon pipe. All you need to make an effective homemade cleaning solution is salt and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. The salt can be regular table salt or rock salt, but the isopropyl alcohol should be 90% alcohol or more to ensure a thorough cleaning. Your local corner store should have both of these readily available. Grab a bowl and add the isopropyl alcohol and salt to the point where your glass spoon pipe will be fully submerged. From here you just let your piece soak; the longer it soaks the cleaner it will get, but if you’re in a time crunch 1 hour of soak time will get the job done (filth level permitting).

It looks gross, but it’s working

Once you’ve taken the spoon pipe out of its solution give it a gentle shake to remove all of the liquid; an extra tap on the counter will help to dislodge any pesky resin that might be still stuck inside. If there is a particular spot that isn’t getting clean take a pipe cleaner or q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol and scrub the problem area manually. The more often you clean your spoon pipe the less you’ll have to spot clean after the initial soak.

Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness level of your glass spoon pipe rinse it with hot water to remove any remaining isopropyl alcohol solution, then rinse with cold water to prevent any fogging. Let your piece fully dry before use and once that is done your pipe is back to full health.

Shake Based Method

The shake method is the fastest way to clean your glass spoon pipe. First make sure any loose dry herb or resin chunks are removed, a light tap on the counter or against your hand into the trash can will get rid of any large chunks. Similar to the soak based method, mix up a solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt. After you’ve concocted your solution fill your spoon pipe a little more than halfway with the liquid making sure all holes are covered.

After you’ve covered any potential leak spots, shake your solution-filled spoon pipe vigorously but be careful to not go full out and risk losing your grip and hurling your spoon pipe across the room. It is also wise to avoid shaking your pipe around any hard surfaces that could break it or near any fabrics that could be stained by the dirty solution that could potentially leak out. As your shaking your pipe the solution should be able to break up resin, shake for around 3 minutes and then empty the pipe in your sink while you run hot water (this helps with smell).

A quick rinse will help with smell 

You might have to refill the pipe with the solution if you’re dealing with a particularly dirty spoon pipe. Do this as many times as needed until you’re satisfied. Much like soak based method, there might be problem areas that need spot cleaning. Address these as needed and let your pipe dry. Then you’re good to go.


If all goes well, this will be your final result 

Don’t feel bad if you’ve got a dirty glass spoon pipe, we’ve all been there. If your pipe needs some TLC, give it a soak or a shake and watch the resin melt away to bring your spoon pipe back to its glory days. A clean pipe means a better session. So take some time every week or so to ensure your glass spoon pipe is performing at its full potential.

Best Grinder for your Spoon Pipe

In the “before time” of dry herb use, there were limited options to breaking down material. You could either toss a whole nug into your bowl or break up the material with a pair of scissors or fingers to get the job done. These options left users out to dry, the “whole nug” strategy left them with herb that won’t burn smooth, while the fingers or scissors choice ended in a sticky mess. Your spoon pipe might be able to fit a large nug of dry herb inside of it but to get the most out of not only your dry herb but your pipe you’ll need the right tools.

Grinding your dry herb allows you to more fully fill your spoon pipe’s bowl, which gives you more surface area to roast the material. Using a grinder also removes and breaks up any pesky stems that might be lurking in your stash, saving you from inhaling something that won’t have any effect. Not grinding your dry herb can lead to your spoon pipe becoming clogged or uneven draws that will put a hamper on your session.

Consistency is another plus of using an herb grinder. A fully filled spoon pipe with ground dry herb will burn much slower than a whole nug or even material broken up by your fingers. To ensure even extraction of the supercharged compounds within your material a grinder is needed. Grinding your material helps to maintain the particular aromas and tastes unique to each type of dry herb, which when used with a classic glass spoon pipe get fully unleashed on the user.

These days there is a multitude of grinders to help you enjoy dry herb the way it was meant to be. From simple two-piecers to more advanced 4-piece units there is a grinder out there to suit any dry herb user’s needs. Check out our list of options to see if you need to switch up your prep tools!

Aerospaced 2-Piece Metal Grinder  

We’re gonna start off with a classic two-piece grinder from Aerospaced. Constructed from ultra-sturdy lightweight aluminum this grinder can withstand any tumbles or drops you might put it through during its lifespan. The small stature of the Aerospaced 2-Piece Metal Grinder allows for easy on-the-go grinding and it won’t take up too much space in your stash box. Equipped with diamond-shaped teeth your dry herb will be perfectly prepped for your next session. An anodized surface prevents the metal from flaking into your dry herb, ensuring a safe grind every time. A magnetic lid makes sure to keep your grinder together during traveling and makes the act of twisting the grinder much easier.

Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece Grinder

The next step up in grinder technology is a 3-piece grinder. Santa Cruz is one of the top dry herb grinder companies and any purchase from them is guaranteed to last a long time while consistently providing a great dry herb grind. The 3-piece design allows you to store dry herb easier than a 2-piece grinder. With an amply sized, non-stick storage compartment that lets you grind enough dry herb for multiple sessions this is a great “prep and forget” tool. The grip on the outside of the Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece grinder has been improved on since the initial release and makes it easier than ever for your dry herb to be ground to perfection.

Santa Cruz combined elegant design with elite construction for their 3-piece grinder. Medical-grade anodized aluminum is a staple of Santa Cruz Shredder grinders. This high-quality finish eliminates any chance of scratching or cross-threading, the process of threads getting barbs and becoming unable to thread, which can effectively render your grinder useless. The unique tooth design of the Shredder sets their grind apart from lesser options; designed to cut multiple ways with enough clearance on both sides of the teeth to prevent “slicing” or “mashing” of your dry herb.

Groove 4-Piece Grinder

Pollen oriented dry herb users will love the Groove 4-Piece Grinder. In place of the traditional teeth most grinders have the Groove 4-Piece is equipped with razor-sharp grooves in the top section. These rotary shredders finely chop your material and drop it into the storage compartment while separating out any large unwanted pieces and make cleaning your grinder easier. Groove grinders are CNC machined from tough aluminum to give you years of dependable, uber-smooth grinding.

The Groove 4-Piece Grinder is a little larger than a 3-piece grinder but still portable. A powerful magnet holds the top in place to keep your dry herb safe from spillage during travels. The fine screen underneath the middle compartment effectively sifts and stores pollen from dry herb, allowing you to save your precious compounds for a more elevated than usual session. The bottom compartment is non-stick so collecting your crystals is easy.


Get your prep situation right for your next dry herb adventure. Any grinder, be it just a 2-piece or a larger 4-piece unit, will elevate your spoon pipe’s performance. Aside from getting your dry herb in the perfect condition for smoking, grinders help conserve your supply by parceling out whole nugs into numerous sessions. Your spoon pipe will be able to fit more dry herb and operate at peak performance and avoid clogs thanks to whatever grinder you choose to snag.

Best Spoon Pipe for Everyday Use

As far as dry herb consumption goes there are few accessories as impactful as the classic spoon pipe. Spoons have withstood the test of time to become a pillar of the smoking community; their relaxing shape, travel-ready size, and consistent performance make them indispensable for any dry herb user. The best spoon pipes are durable, simply-designed, and add a bit of style to your stash box. Dry herb enthusiasts will appreciate a spoon pipe that won’t retain too much ash or expel charred dry herb into their mouth after an unusually large inhale. We’re going to take a look at a few of our favorite spoon pipes out right now, while basic in shape each pipe on this list brings a unique twist to the classic spoon pipe while still delivering top-tier performance.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

Right off the bat, we have a spoon pipe endorsed by the first family of dry herb, the Marley’s. Marley Natural was started in 2014 with the purpose of “integrating nature’s goodness with a belief in the positive potential of herb,” and they’ve put out two lines of dry herb smoking accessories to date. Their newest line is the Smoked Glass Collection, which takes classic smoking device silhouettes and adds a modern, island feel to each piece.  Every accessory, including the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe, is constructed from medical grade borosilicate glass that preserves your dry herb’s flavor and helps to ensure durability against wear and tear. Gold accents and a tasteful Marley Natural logo adorning the mouthpiece of the spoon pipe and are included on the other pieces in the collection.

Now let us get into what makes the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe a fantastic spoon: the large bowl size is capable of holding enough dry herb to satisfy a more-populated-than-usual smoking session, and the wide bowl adds a “levitation” effect when the pipe is set down. The bowl has a ton of volume for your smoke to swirl around and cool before it hits your lungs. At the end of the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe, a built-in ashcatcher ensures there won’t be any burned dry herb shooting into your mouth as you enjoy a deep draw. This piece is definitely in the “classic spoon pipe” family even though it has a few modern tweaks. This blending of old-school shapes with modern features makes the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe a fantastic addition to your stash box setup.

Genius Pipe

Who said all spoon pipes need to be glass? The Genius Pipe is a bit of a rarity in the spoon world: its a unique design that still somehow functions as a classic spoon pipe. Boasting a completely original design the Genius Pipe is a dry herb spoon that features unmatched ease-of-use. What sets the Genius Pipe apart from all other spoon pipes is the patented Waterless Filtration System. The bottom and top of the interior of the Genius Pipe consists of 2,000 dimples that sift your smoke, collect tar and oil, and cool each hit before reaching your palate. The flat shape of the pipe did throw me off a little at first, but the Genius Pipe functions the same as a spoon; the cover is a bit different than any spoon I’ve used, but it does help to aid in conserving and putting “pause” on a session.

While most spoon pipes are one piece, the Genius Pipe utilizes three separate pieces to achieve elite cooling and filtering of your smoke. Two plates and a thin face plate that slides to reveal your bowl make up the Genius pipe. These pieces are connected by magnets that let you easily slide the pieces apart when it comes to loading and cleaning.  While one of the more untraditional spoon pipes we’ve seen, the Genius Pipe hits like a champ and the dimple feature does make a difference in smoke harshness compared to a “traditional” spoon pipe. A nice feature about the Genius Pipe is the top piece’s “logo cutout”; this cut out helps to corner your bowl with more accuracy than the classic “just turn down the flame on the Scripto” method some of us have used in the past.

Jane West Spoon Pipe

Partnering with GRAV Labs, Jane West set out to design dry herb accessories that keep the modern woman in mind with pieces that are stylish, functional, and discreet without being bland. All of Jane West’s products strike a perfect balance between style and substance thanks to their angular, yet soft aesthetic. Jane West broke from the borosilicate glass trend and constructed their pieces from silica glass, which is what gives each piece it’s eye-catching color. Silica glass is extremely thermal resistant and won’t muddle your dry herb’s flavors.

The art deco themed Jane West Spoon Pipe looks like something that could have been found at someone’s apartment in the 1970s, in a good way. The ergonomic mouthpiece makes for comfortable draws while a compact bowl and stem keep the Jane West Spoon pocket-friendly. This spoon pipe is one of the better-proportioned pieces I’ve come across; the bowl size is perfect in relation to the area in which the smoke swirls during an inhale, which gives your draws extra time to cool even in such a concise spoon pipe.

Prometheus Pocket Pipe 

The relationship between technology and old-school smoking devices has melded perfectly in the Prometheus Pocket Pipe. Pyptek (even the name is futuristic!) created a travel-ready pipe constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum that is the toughest possible spoon pipe around. Inside the protective aluminum exoskeleton is medical strength borosilicate glass, which screws into an aluminum shell equipped with a glass bowl. The all glass airpath is insanely thermal resistant and lets your dry herb’s flavor fully flourish during your session. No spoon pipe can compare to the durability of the Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe.

Often a spoon pipe that tries to fit into the “durable” category will have poor execution, units can be clunky in hand, and just overall feel too awkward to be worth the extra protection. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe does a fantastic job of holding onto the core functionality and shape of a spoon pipe while adding ultra-modern construction to beef up the durability. Pyptek incorporated advanced geometry to give this piece a comfortable feel when in hand while ensuring it can hold up to most drops and tumbles it might encounter. By committing to the core aspects that made spoon pipes so popular the technology incorporated by Pyptek blends into this piece perfectly.


As long as people are enjoying dry herb, there will be a place for spoon pipes in the industry. Old-school glass silhouettes remain the preferred option for old-head smokers, but more modern versions of the spoon pipe have gained a lot of traction with users. By keeping the classic spoon shape, more advanced interpretations of the spoon have been able to flourish thanks to expanding on the capabilities of the spoon pipe which will keep this form of smoking accessory alive for years to come.